Injection Alloys was the pioneer in the development and commercialisation of Ultra-High yield seamless cored wires. Through our patented manufacturing and consumable technology, we have developed a proven range of Hi-Core products that bring unprecedented benefits to the user, including improved yields, reduced splashing and fuming and significantly reduced variation of element ppms. The result is the opportunity for the customer to produce higher quality, cleaner steels, at lower overall cost. Our Hi-Core product range includes Hi-Cal, Hi-FeCa, Hi-FeTi, Hi-CaSi, Hi-FeNb, HiFeB, Hi-CaCN2, plus many others upon request.

Standard Cored Wires

Injection Alloys offers the complete range of industry standard products to the high quality and technical specifications that the industry demands. We can offer all diameters that are needed, from 9mm to 16mm as standard, or other variants on request.

Approved products portfolio

as at 1 December 2017.

Product OD Sheath thickness Fill, G/M Universal code*
Hi-Cal 10mm 1.5mm 55 101555
Hi-Cal 10mm 1.0mm 70 101070
Hi-Cal 13mm 1.0mm 100 1310100
Hi-Ca/Si 13mm 1.2mm 230 1312230
Hi-CaFeĀ  30/70 13mm 1.0mm 300 1310300
Hi-FeTi 13mm 1.0mm 400 1310400