Injection Alloys is a UK company with manufacturing and sales business units around the globe. We pride ourselves in being the preferred supplier of trimming and inclusion modification solutions in many parts pf the Global Steel Industry. Our team of highly qualified specialists work relentlessly to provide innovation and value adding solutions for our customers needs.

Our values:

  • Visionary – understanding the nature of a vision and working towards achieving it.
  • Integrity – the ability to maintain social, organisational and ethical standards in job related activities.
  • Being Innovative – fundamental to our customers and ourselves and we take pride in it.
  • Tenacity – the ability to stay with a problem or idea until the matter is settled or the objective is no longer
    reasonable or attainable.
  • Leadership – the ability to motivate and direct a team towards a goal. Maximise people resources to achieve
  • Team work – the willingness to participate as a full member of a group and be an effective contributor.
  • Being Strategic – essential to the long term success of our business.
  • Being technical – highly competent in our specific markets.
  • Releasing potential – the commitment to providing the right tools and learning environment for individuals to
    reach their full potential.

Making a difference since 1985


“Our vision is to be the global leading supplier of cored injection wires and acknowledged as the authority for injection process in the industry”.


“To tirelessly promote and deliver the very best customer service, satisfaction and technical support, through the progressive development and introduction of innovative products, processes and supply chain solutions”.

Injection Alloys Mexico: Quality System Management.